Catalysis (/kəˈtæləsɪs/) is the process of accelerating a chemical reaction by adding a substance known as a catalyst. Flowers and botanicals are carefully dissolved with organic compounds to give the unique colours.
Catalysis refers to the process followed for dying the garments in this collection, which has been designed exclusively from high quality plant-based Japanese fabrics and handcrafted in Athens, Greece with an obsessive attention to detail.
Hand-dyed, one-by-one with an ancient process from 100% natural dyes derived from flowers, and botanicals. The dye for each garment follows a distinct fermentation process, which results to exclusive colour shades.
All designs are unique and do not share the same dye composition.

Credits: Photography Kostis Fokas | Clothes Serenata Serano | Art Direction Kostis Fokas | Model Angelique M.
謝辞: 写真撮影 Kostis Fokas |服 Serenata Serano | アートディレクション Kostis Fokas |モデル Angelique M.