Nephelopsia project introduces a consciously nebulous vision of reality, declaring that way, an obvious refusal to perceive the present image, as it is. Referring to the volitional need of facing reality within an illusion.
Nephelopsia, in contrast to clear vision, represents true happiness behind a visual confusion, a visible/invisible, voluntary/volitional obstacle,
offering a non-image image. It is, therefore, a seemingly faulty image of reality and happiness, in the name of relativity. A subjective relativity that does not obey to the rules of total than to sub-total.

credits: Photography Kostis Fokas | Clothes Serenata Serano | Art Direction Serenata Serano| Model Helga Hansen
謝辞: 写真撮影 Kostis Fokas |服 Serenata Serano |アートディレクション Serenata Serano |モデル Helga Hansen